1 medium onion chopped
2 tbsp of plain flower
1 tsp mixed dried herbs
500 gms of Stewing steak
1 bay leaf
Small can or bottle of dark ale or stout (250-330ml)
1 beef stock cube with 125ml of water
1 tbsp of tomato purée
1 tsp of sugar
2 medium carrots peeled and cut into chunks
1 parsnip peeled and halved and cut into chunks
3-4 small potatoes washed and halved
Black pepper

Either preheat the oven to 180C or pop in a slow cooker or bottom oven of an Aga. Heat a little oil in a pan or large flameproof casserole dish. Add the Onion and fry for a couple of minutes. Mix the flour and dried herbs in a bowl and coat the beef. Add black pepper. Put meat in the casserole dish with the onions and stir until browned.

Add the bay leaf, ale, stock, tomato purée and sugar. Stir well and bring to the boil, then cover with lid. Either put the casserole in the oven or transfer ingredients to a slow cooker and cook for 1.5 hours. At the end of this time add the carrots, parsnip and potatoes. Put back in the oven or slow cooker for another 45 minutes until the beef and vegetables are tender.

Serve with some green veg.

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