How it works:

Each month you will receive a box with a pork roasting joint, pork chops and sausages. In addition, there will be a seasonal selection of additional cuts.

For example:

Winter Months:

500 gms of Diced Pork / 500 gms of Stewing Steak / 500 gms of Diced Lamb / 500 gms of Pork Mince

500 gms of Beef mince / Shoulder Steaks / Joint of Belly Pork / Gammon Steaks


Summer Months

Pork & Apple Burgers / Lamb & Mint Burgers / Beef burgers

Pork Spare ribs / Pork Shoulders Steaks / Pork kebabs / Pork & Chilli sausages / Belly slices

In addition, your box will contain suggested recipes and 1 or 2 surprises! Maybe some homemade apple sauce or BBQ marinade or spices to complete a suggested recipe. Or a new product to try.   With being a club-member, you will get offered any lamb or beef joints as & when they become available in addition to your monthly box at a discounted price .

Can I choose my delivery day & time?

Your delivery day depends on where you live, as I need to plan my route. I deliver free within 15 miles of Whitwell but can arrange a convenient time & place if you are outside that area.

Do I have to be at home to receive my delivery?

No, I will take delivery instructions so I can leave your order where you want it. The meat is in a polystyrene box so it will stay frozen for 24 hours

Can I plan what comes in the meat box?

I will email you a week before your delivery with a list of the contents and if there is anything you do not like I can always swap it out for something that you do

Please see https://junesfarm.co.uk/product/subscription-family-box

Am I tied into a contract? What if I am going on holiday?

You are not tied or entered into a contract – you can pause or cancel your box at any time. Just let me know when you get the email letting you know what is in the box.

How do I pay?

When I send you the contents of the box my bank details will be included for you to make payment or you can pay by direct debit through gocardless. Payment needs to be made prior to delivery.

I must also stress that as a micro producer I have a very limited supply – so please contact me if you wish to order this month 0r you wish to go on the mailing list to receive emails for forthcoming boxes.


01780 461133

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