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About June's Farm

We produce great quality meat by raising the finest animals in the best environment possible.

I have always been a great fan of the TV series ‘The Good Life’ and an opportunity came up to buy our house in Whitwell, Rutland with some land, so we moved.

Starting off with just a few sheep we quickly progressed to cattle and then on to pigs. The idea being to be self-sufficient in providing ourselves with our own good quality meat and to sell any surplus on to friends.

Initially, with the pigs, I would buy a couple of weaners, fatten them up and then take them to slaughter. However, one year I purchased three saddlebacks and one that I named Bertha would not get on the trailer for the one-way trip!

A few months passed and we sent her off for a romantic break and 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days later she had 8 beautiful piglets and that is where my passion for pigs began.

June’s farm is a free range, rare breed, micro farm specialising in providing high quality meat boxes. We keep our own traditional British pigs (mainly Saddlebacks and large blacks) which are raised outside so they are able to root, forage and wallow whenever they want. They are provided with arks so they can shelter from the mid- day sun or the winter winds. The arks have floors and are full of straw so they are kept in the best possible environment.

The sheep we keep are Ryeland’s and are one of the oldest English sheep breeds. They were kept by the monks of Leominster in Herefordshire 700 years ago who grazed them on the rye pastures. They produce great tasting meat – like lamb used to!

Our cattle are Belted Galloways and the breed can be traced back as far as the 1800’s. They are fed mainly on pasture so are slow to grow and therefore the taste of the beef they produce is delicious. Grass fed beef has been shown to produce more Omega 3 and other unsaturated fats and a lower level of saturated fat than grain fed beef.

As I am a micro-producer my boxes are only available periodically. So, please sign up so I can let you know when they are available.

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