Outdoor reared, high welfare pork sausages


The quality of these pork sausages shines through their lovely meaty flavour. Try them for breakfast, lunch, dinner in the classic toad in the hole or sausage and mash. Great favourites with the kids. Our pigs have a wonderful happy life outside free to dig, wallow and sun bathe. Approx weight 400gms for sausages £4

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Our sausages are made from the shoulder and belly of our outdoor reared, high welfare large black pigs. They are at least 90% pork, succulent, juicy and delicious. Try them for breakfast, brunch and dinner in such classics as toad in the hole or sausages and mash. We have classic pork, Cracked black pepper. Lincolnshire or Honey roast, tomato & Fire cracker in stock.

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