Junes Family Pork Box


The saddleback pig produces great pork that looks and tastes amazing. Here at June’s farm we have taken care of their welfare and ensured that they have had a great life. They have been reared outdoors with ample space to run around.

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Ready to go in the Aga oven on a grill pan

1 x 1.4Kg joint of pork rolled shoulder (approx. 2.0kg) Great for pulled pork or a roast!
4 x chunky pork chops (approx 300gms each)
2 x packs of 6 sausages (approx. 400gms)
1 X 500Gms of Diced Pork Great for sweet & sour pork or pork kebabs
4 X Pork & Apple Burgers. Great with chips, creamy mash and peas or just BBQ’d

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