Belted Galloway Topside Beef 2.1kg


Topside of beef is a traditional favourite, commonly used for roasting or braising and is a fantastic introduction to my heritage beef. My beef has been exclusively fed on grass to ensure only the best flavour, this joint will be lean and tender as it has been hung for 21 days. Weighing in at approx 1kg it will easily feed 2-3 with ample left overs for cold roast beef with salad or chips for a mid week meal.

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Belted Galloway Topside Roasting Joint is a great lower cost but tasty clear cutting joint ideal for a roast dinner. My beef is grass fed, which means that the animal grows more slowly and therefore the taste of the beef is delicious. Grass fed beef has been shown to contain higher levels of beneficial omega 3 and other saturated fats and lower levels of saturated fat than grain fed beef.

This joint will be lean and tender and has been hung for 21 days.

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