Belted Galloway Beef Brisket 1kg


A favourite of chefs for pot-roasting, try slow cooking alongside seasonal vegetables and herbs for melt in your mouth quality, and serving with buttery mash and roast carrots. If slow roasting in the oven, Brisket can be served as a Sunday Lunch centrepiece, with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, and horseradish sauce. Or why not try a Texan BBQ beef recipe.

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Belted Galloways are reared for over 3 years and has the added benefit of the meat being lower in saturated fat, sustainable and very low carbon compared with a corn fed animal. They therefore produce lean and succulent beef. This is a great value joint taken from the breast of the animal which is well suited to long, slow cooking for meltingly tender beef.

This joint is perfect for leaving in the oven all day or in a slow cooker overnight, an old fashioned favourite as the gravy is delicious. Our meat has been dry aged for 21 days to enhance the natural qualities of the beef. A very versatile joint to slow cook in the oven or why not try a Texan BBQ recipe. Please see my news page for a recipe.

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